Multisports Scoreboards

Manual scoreboard for rugby, basketball, netball and many other ball sports.

Our brand-new development, the Multisport Sports Scorer, is a single-sided manual scoreboard with two double-digit score displays.

Manual Scoreboard

Double-digit design for many sports.

As with all of our other scoreboard products, this double-digit scorer is portable, lightweight, and utilizes a handy dial system to change the score easily and quickly.

Our clever, patented multisport design is not available anywhere else! It is now available to purchase from our webshop in a medium-size option. We will be expanding our offer into a larger size range soon. This scoreboard is ideal for schools and clubs or venues offering a range of sports.

The team labels Team A/ Team B can be easily customized with our blank name plates. Simply stick a set of our name plates on the board to cover the titles and write your own team names with a whiteboard marker, supplied with the name plates.


Multi Sport Scoreboard attached to fence

Patented disc design for a fast and easy score change.

This manual scoreboard is suitable for a huge range of sports. It can be used to score Five-A-Side football, rugby, basketball, netball, table tennis and handball to name just a few.


Medium Multisports Scorer at £89
Dimensions: 63cm x 48cm (25’x 19‘)
Score Digit Size: 6.5cm (2 ½ inch tall)



In trials as a rugby scoreboard, the Multisports scoreboard has been very well-received, with coaches and players alike praising the visibility of the score as well as its easy-to-use performance.

The scoreboard can be placed on or near the pitch with a choice of our stands: the eye level T-frame fits into any standard parasol base, the clever ground level A-frame can placed directly on the ground for field sports or be used as a tabletop stand for indoor sports.

Multisport scoreboard for outdoor use

Highly visible score display.

Alternatively, the manual scoreboard can be hung from a nearby fence with the sturdy metal hook supplied with the board.The board is lightweight and particularly useful for outdoor events where lack of power supply makes electronic scoreboards unsuitable.

Made from the same thoroughly-tested materials as our other popular manual scoreboards, this double-digit scorer is suitable for many seasons of outdoor use.

As with all of our scoreboards, the score dials can be replaced should they get damaged through ball impact or other external force.


We provide quick delivery and exceptional customer service from our London-based distribution office.

A new triple-digit Sports Scorer for other ball sports and a larger version of this Multisport Scorer will be launched next year.