Tennis Scoreboards

Portable tennis scoreboards in unique double-sided design.

Game, Set and Match! Tested throughout Europe, our popular Match Pointer® tennis scoreboard has set the standard in scoring for 25 years.

Match Pointer Tennis Scoreboards

Tennis specific scoreboard design.

The Match Pointer Tennis Scorer features a uniquedouble-sided design with functional, large print score dials, offering visibility for players and spectators.

Designed specifically for use in tennis tournaments, Match Pointer manual score keepers are made from a UV-durable material for brilliant colour that lasts. The scoreboards are also lightweight, making them an easily portable scoring option.

Match Pointer scoreboards come complete with a strong anti-rust hook for easy display and removal from court fences.

Our variety of options guarantees that you’ll find the right tennis scoreboard: we offer a choice of score dials counting up to either 7 or 9 (7 being our current standard version), interchangeable nameplates are available for your personalisation and a choice of scoreboard sizes are available as specified below.


The range of Match Pointer tennis scorer sizes make them suitable for a variety of uses:

Tennis scoreboards in three sizes

Match Pointer come in a range of sizes.

Small (35 x 50 cm) at £89
The perfect size for private courts and as a learning tool for kids

Medium (46 x 65 cm) at £109
Our current best-seller! An excellent size for smaller clubs

Large (56 x 80 cm) at £149
With the added option of personalized nameplates, an impressive feature for club tournaments. This size comes with the option of a lightweight aluminium stand.


All prices are including VAT and are subject to a small shipping charge ex London.

Tennis scoreboards for indoor and outdoor use

Court stands and other accessories available.


Match Pointer tennis scoreboards offer extra value. In case of high-impact damage, replacement score discs are available in sets of six as a low-cost replacement. You can exchange these discs yourself or we can exchange them for you. Please see our Maintenance page for details.


Additionally, we offer a full range of accessories, including easily interchangeable name plates and court stands. Visit our Accessories page for details.