Match Pointer Tennis Scorer Coming to Australia

Tennis Scorer AustraliaTennis Australia, the governing body of tennis in Australia, searched for a long time to find their new tennis scorer. Ordering 100 scoreboards is an important decision, even for a big organisation. Tennis Australia obviously wanted the best, so they decided on Match Pointer scoreboards!

Match Pointer is the original, patented disc-style tennis scorer. Our score discs change easily when you want to change them, unaffected by wind and the elements. And because we never compromise on quality, the durable uPVC scoreboards are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Easily portable Match Pointer scoreboards can also be customised to your specifications. Tennis Australia ordered theirs with their own logo design and colour combination. But you don’t have to be a major tennis organisation to have our Match Pointer boards customised to you!

Based on a minimum order of 40 units, we can add your logo, allow you to specify custom colours and offer a quick turnaround time – and design service is even included free of charge. Match Pointer provides exceptional quality, outstanding service and a versatile product, all at a very competitive price!

tennis scorer customized


Match Pointer tennis scoreboards come in 3 sizes, with a variety of hook and stand options to allow for a range of display heights. Even our largest size can be easily moved from court-to-court or taken indoors, either for indoor play or easy storage.

If you are looking for the best quality, indoor/outdoor, portable tennis scorer, take a lead from Tennis Australia… order your Match Pointer tennis scoreboards today!

To order Match Pointer scoreboards or to discuss your scoreboard needs, contact us through our email contact form or feel free to give us a call.

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Victor Industrie Services GmbH produces a wide range of scoreboards and other court accessories such as the popular MatchLiner, a tennis court line brush for clay-surfaced courts. They are based in North Germany and put particular emphasis on sourcing parts and materials locally. The scoreboards are printed, die-cut and assembled in the company’s local factory. Teamgeist Ltd is the UK and worldwide distribution arm for Victor Industrie Services.