Match Pointer Tennis Scoreboards

Match Pointer tennis scoreboards have been distributed in the UK for over 10 years and are available from a selection of fine retailers throughout the country.

We are proud to work with the following tennis speciality stores which currently stock Match Pointer scoreboards:

JMS Sports – Based in West Yorkshire and known for its excellent customer service, JMS Sport offers the Match Pointer range in their online catalogue.

Hexa Sports – Established over 30 years ago, Hexa Sports offers Match Pointer tennis scoreboards from its base in the heart of the Industrial West Midlands. Click here for details.

Maxsports – Located in Kent, Maxsports has specialised in supplying tennis court equipment to clubs and schools for over 25 years. Shop here.

PWP Tennis – With five stores across the country, PWP Tennis is a racquet-sport specialist, offering our small-size Match Pointer tennis scoreboards. Find them here.

Match Pointer tennis scoreboards are also available from our own Sports Scorer web shop at We also offer a wide range of accessories and scoreboard maintenance service. For questions about our products, or if you are interested in adding sponsor logos or purchasing sponsor ad boards, please email us.

And don’t forget… you can customise your Match Pointer with our low-cost name plates, in-stock and available from our web shop!

About Pat

Victor Industrie Services GmbH produces a wide range of scoreboards and other court accessories such as the popular MatchLiner, a tennis court line brush for clay-surfaced courts. They are based in North Germany and put particular emphasis on sourcing parts and materials locally. The scoreboards are printed, die-cut and assembled in the company’s local factory. Teamgeist Ltd is the UK and worldwide distribution arm for Victor Industrie Services.