Sports Scorer Announces Latest Scoreboard for Football

Scoreboard for FootballSports Scorer is excited to announce the latest scoreboard for football, coming soon. Our new single-digit scoreboards will be available in large and extra-large sizes, designed specifically for 5-a-side and full-sized football pitches.

Both scoreboards will come in an indoor and outdoor version with exchangeable ad boards for a much lower price than comparable electronic boards. With easy-to-change numbers, simple installation, and clear legibility, even from across the field, the large and extra-large scoreboards provide a professional-looking scoreboard for football matches, even where electricity is not available.

Dimensions of our large manual scoreboard for football:

Large: board size 96cm x 64cm with a digit height of 16cm

XL: board size 140cm x 96cm with a digit height of 25cm

Both sizes are available in an outdoor and indoor version with the outdoor version being suitable for outdoor use all year round. For more visibility of your club name or sponsor logo, we also offer an outdoor protective cover with a large custom print area at a very reasonable price.

Please contact us for more details or for a price quote.

About Pat

Victor Industrie Services GmbH produces a wide range of scoreboards and other court accessories such as the popular MatchLiner, a tennis court line brush for clay-surfaced courts. They are based in North Germany and put particular emphasis on sourcing parts and materials locally. The scoreboards are printed, die-cut and assembled in the company’s local factory. Teamgeist Ltd is the UK and worldwide distribution arm for Victor Industrie Services.