Sports Scorer Maintenance

Maintenance of our Sports Scorer products.

maintenance for sports scorer scoreboards

If your Match Pointer or Sports Scorer is left outdoors, prolonged exposure to the elements may cause the scoreboard to become weathered and ball impact may cause score discs to break. You do not need to replace the complete scoreboard as we offer a handy kit to replace just the score discs in your board.

Alternatively, we are happy to replace the discs for you for a small fee and postage to and from London.


sports scorer replacement discs

Replacement Score Discs

In the event that score discs become damaged, replacement discs are available for all our scoreboard model sizes and can be ordered from our online shop here: Buy Replacement Discs Online.

Follow our simple disc replacement instructions to replace defective discs easily and your scoreboard is as good as new.

Download our replacement instructions by following this linkScore Disc Replacement Instruction.


sports scorer lubricant spray

Scoreboard Lubricant Spray

Difficulty in turning the score discs may occur from repeated exposure to rain or dust. This is easily remedied with a thorough cleaning using a strong spray of water, followed by the application of our silicon-based lubricant.

Attention: non-silicon lubricants may clog up the score discs. We recommend using our own specifically-formulated spray which comes in a handy, portable 200ml can and can be ordered here: Buy Lubricant Spray


match liner replacement brush

Match Liner Replacement Brush

This is a replacement part for our Match Liner, a tennis clay court line sweeper.

After approximately two years of extensive use, the cleaning brush of our Match Liner line sweeper may become worn and need replacing. We supply the replacement brush set complete with rubber washers and easy to follow instructions on how to replace both.

You can download our replacement instructions by following this link (link will follow soon). Buy Now.